The Serpent Viper 988E is the electric version of the 988 gas car. It brings together all our experience in Nitro 1/8th and 1/10th Electric Touring cars. The Viper988E features the race proven geometry, bulletproof driveline and super smooth shock absorbers of the 988 Nitro car, with the weight distribution, flex options and belt drive layout of the 4X touring car
Bringing together the best of both worlds has created the ultimate 1/8 electric racing car. We managed to reduce weight, improve weight distribution and efficiency. The design of the 988E also makes it super easy to work on for quick setup adjustments and maintenance.

2 belt layout with perfect weight distribution and improved transmission efficiency.

Very light, ultra-narrow 4mm chassis-plate with symmetric layout and central fixing points for suspension, batteries and electronics

Ultra-true, low-friction mid shaft assembly, featuring 2 big-size ball bearings. The assembly is easy to remove for spur gear changes and general maintenance

Carbon, vertical twin top deck design, creating the backbone of the car. It gives the chassis the perfect balance between torsional flex and longitudinal stiffness

Symmetrically mounted Carbon battery mounting plates with Velcro strap system and integrated, flexfree stiffeners

Low, centrally mounted radioplate

Other main specs

  • 4wd belt-driven race car
  • Serpent spring steel axles with quick change system for the wheels
  • Front and rear spring steel cvd shafts
  • NSK bearings for the transmission
  • Low friction belts and ball raced belt-tensioner
  • Black anodized front shaft with one-way bearings and narrow rear solid axle
  • super true mid shaft with 0.8 fine pitch spur gears
  • Independent suspension with hydraulic big bore low cg shock absorbers
  • Ball raced front and rear anti-roll bars

General Features

A carbon

spacer for the rear end stiffens the chassis and acts as a location device for the bulkheads and brackets of the rear suspension.

The newly developed front

Flow bumper is a very durable and offers removable inserts. It’s very easy and quick to change the aerodynamic characteristic in a matter of seconds. By just removing or adding the inserts to increase or decrease steering and turn-in. The ribs in the bottom guide the air below the chassis and body.
The strong aluminium front body posts are eccentric, to allow movement of the body a few mm forward and backwards to optimize steering and downforce.

The central mounted

steering lever allows easy and fast Ackermann adjustment. The steering lever features a top mounted insert which can be used in 3 positions. Another 2 Ackermann positions are available on the steering blocks.

The vertically placed

top decks stiffen the chassis in the longitudinal direction, while controlling the torsional flex. They are constructed of 2 high grade carbon plates that connect the central motor mount to the front and rear ends of the car. Their design was taken from our race proven 4X electric touring car and changed to the demands of the Viper 988E platform.
The rear end construction with aluminium brackets is a very open design, which allows for easy of maintenance and cleaning. Dis-assembly requires the removal of only a few screws. Replacing a belt if needed, is a simple task. The eccentric bearing holders on the rear shaft allow adjustment of belt tension. The whole rear end can be removed as one unit from the chassis by removal of only a few screws.
The narrow solid rear axle in Serpent spring steel has a lightweight 9mm wide 48T pulley. The axle has a double slot for the driveshaft pin for lightness and long life. Spring steel, CVD type, drive shafts connect the rear shaft to spring steel wheel-axles with aluminium quickchange levers. A very durable and long lasting drivetrain.

The rear floating body mount which is mounted on the up-rights with 2 arms is centred by a carbon-fibre and steel guider. The mount has 4 positions on each side to choose from, depending on body shell used and traction available. The threaded holes on the end of the body mount give the option to add further bodysupports.

The kit does not include engine-pipe, airfilter, body, tyres-wheels or electronic.
The silicone shockoil, silicone fuelline and pressure line is included.

The Viper 988 comes with a full color assembly manual Online as PDF, reference guide and exploded views all in one.
Set-up sheet (blank and default) are ready to download separately, and 2 decalsheets are included in the box.

A large selection of optional parts is available to even further improve performance, speed, weight and looks.
Designed by

Michael Salven

With great help from all team-drivers and 977 drivers!