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Serpent introduces the brand new Serpent S120 LTR 1/12th Scale Pancar.


Wider carbon chassis, versatile for different layouts.
Steeringblocks with inserts.
Unique friction free central pivot system.
Serpent light and long  RCCX pancar shock.
Pivotlink steering system.
Servo position ( more layouts possible).
Redesigned rear podplate and lighter alu rear brackets.
Lower center of gravity.


The 1/10 scale pancar class is a niche market with very demanding drivers. The speed of the pancars in WGT or Pro-10 format is incredible, exceeding topspeed of over 120 km/h, depending on electronics tyres and body in use.   The WGT class is run more indoors and Pro-10 more outdoors but also WGT or GT  can run outdoors really well. Its also a matter of competition type / class and what bodystyle is preffered. 

As the pancars have limited ground clearance and due to regulations also have limited " suspension", one needs a fairly nice asphalt track in case of outdoor racing.    The relative simplicity of the cars is attracting drivers, as basic set-up of the pancars is so much easier compared to 1/10 touringcars .  Still the chassis offers a good selection of set-ups to play with, as the front end offers a good variery of set-up options. The mid section you play with the tubes/oils and side springs and ofcourse with ride height in the front and rear. The smooth ball differential to finisih it off.  

The chassis overall looks supernice with almost only machined aluminium and carbon fibre parts.   The standard version can be upgraded to a wider (200mm) Pro-10 edition. 


Serpent has been active in the pancar market since 2008 when we started with the famous S120  1/12 scale pancar.  Due to the success of the S120 we also received requests to make a 1/10 scale pancar and if posisble also a pro-10 version. So soon after release of the S120 we also started on the 1st version of the S100.

The S100 shares many details and parts with the 1/12 scale car, but the 1/10 scale WGT and Pro-10 class is different and the design as made meets the request of the hardcore 1/10 pan car racers.

Michael Salven, Serpent's chief onroad designer has been in charge of the pancar projects and works together closely with our pan car teamdrivers to develop the pancars. 



The front end of the car features 11 different adjustments to help you get the most from your car, all of which are easy to adjust and measure. Fixed lower suspension arms are themselves damped by the central strut which uses rubber o-rings to take up the flex in this area, while the grey anodised aluminium front upper wishbone mounts are available in different caster angles, the car being supplied with 6 degree version as standard. With the steering block king pins spring loaded, the cornering forces are channelled through the upper wishbone, which enable the car to corner at high speeds.


Newly designed stiff composite front upper arms with pivotball and threaded rod fixture.


The new steeringblocks  feature and adjustable  king pin inclination with  easily changed  inserts, which are all 4 included.


In the kit you will find 2 steering system options.
The new balraced pivot link system with the servo on its side in longtudinal  direction, mounted with 2 small and light servo brackets.
The standard alu servo post with micro servosaver.  The alu servo posts have eccentric holes, so any brand servo can be centered properly


The S100 WGT comes supplied with a high quality miniature servo saver, which through the use of orange anodised shims, has adjustable Ackermann. 
The kit includes 3 alu servo posts to select from,  which enable perfectly centered mounting  of any popular brand servo.


The central section is a combination of elements to control the movements of the rear end perfectly. 

A a central main shock, based on the famous Serpent RCC technology.

2 spring loaded shaped side bars.
The tube system.
These elements interact to create the best possible handling (roll, bump and alignment) under all grip-conditions.

The new innovative pivot-system which connect sthe rear pod with the main chassis allows for full free movement of the 2 main parts, thus avoiding any binding, enabling the side-links to work optimally.  With small shims the ride-height can be easily changed.


The S100-LTR uses the same tube-system as on the S120-LTR. Precision machined aluminium coated tubes connected with small ball-links.  This system plays a big part in how the car turns into a corner which can be adjusted through the use of different oils .


For securely mounting the body shell to your S100 Link, the car has strong plastic body posts front and rear. All 4 posts are supplied with orange anodised adjustable collars to precisely adjust the body's height and the posts are supplied extra long to allow the user to cut them to their own preferred length. The front body posts have also been designed to help protect the front of the carbon chassis from splitting in the event of a heavy front impact.


In the  S100 LTR you can mount the springs in the original outer positon, or in the new more inside position.


The S100-LTR features a low carbon fibre bumperplate, with on top of that a strong and durable shaped front bumper.


On the S100 WGT Link, the Lipo's can be mounted in 3 different positions by simply changing the composite battery  mounting position, perfect for adjusting the cars weight distribution.  The S100-LTR can be fitted with a short or long battery.


The lightweight graphite rear axle is mounted on bearings that sit within eccentric composite inserts that allows the user to quickly and easily change the rear ride height of the car simply by changing between inserts. 
The kit comes supplied with all 9 inserts which range between 0 and 4mm, each differing by 0.5mm and all are reversible for an even wider range of adjustment.


The S100 Link comes supplied with a durable and high performance ball differential. Easily adjusted by a plastic nut, accessible through the right rear wheel, the differential  uses high quality steel balls and plates and is supplied with both suitable silicone and graphite grease for use during assembly and maintenance.

The rear ball-differential features hardened D-plates and carbon shaft assembly for super smooth diff action.


To aid rear traction under acceleration and to absorb bumps, the S100 Link sports a centrally mounted shock absorber. Supplied with a soft spring, the pre load of which can be adjusted, the front mount of this shock absorber is used for adjusting the rear down stop and range of movement between the chassis and motor pod.


The strong basis is formed  by the 2.5mm thick carbon fibre chassis plate with supports enabling a forward or backward battery position,  and enough space for all the valuable electronics.  

The newly designed motorpod   is a beautifull combination of high quality machined alu brackets and top quality carbon fibre parts, bolted together to create an ultra stiff rear pod.  The  motor-bracket allows the brushless motor to be mounted in the optimal position for car balance and offers good heat dissipation as well


The S100 LTR is sold in a very compact black box. To allow you to build your car with the greatest of ease, Serpent offfers a full colour online PDF instruction manual and integrated reference guide section that contains all the exploded views and latest options. The S100 link also comes supplied with a pair of Serpent decal sheets in black and white. 


The Serpent distributor, dealer or agent is your source for more info, but also the Serpent website and the member section and the Youtube channel provides lots of information.


Tyres and wheels.
Spur Gear.


Shock shaft TIN coated

Ceramic diff balls

Upper Arm Mount 3, 6 and 9

Side springs 4.5lbs - 7lbs

 Spur diff gears 64p and 48p Front spring 22lbs & 26lbs

Hinge Pin TIN Coated

Center Springs 14lbs, 16lbs, 18lbs

Dragon-RC Novarossi