The Serpent SRX8 GT TQ

is aimed at the hardcore racer. It celebrates the fact that Serpent had the majority of the cars in the final of the Worlds, but even more prestigious, the TQ spot with Alessio Mazzeo. It features all the optionals and set-up parts that were used at the worlds
Of course we kept all the basic features that makes the SRX8 GT such a great car. Aluminium bulkheads, fully adjustable rollcenter, kick-up; easy differential access, you name it!
On top of that we did not only keep the easy-access 2-speed, we put a complete new one in the car. Coming from the 989, it has a lower inertia, but even more important, it is a lot more reliable. It is also easier to adjust the shifting point from the outside
The front and rear gear differentials are the latest HDT type, fully sealed, adjustable and light weight. The diffs viscous nature can be adjusted to each track condition by changing the viscosity of the silicone oil used to fill it. The ring gear is 44t, while the pinion is 13t, giving you the optimal gearing for the GT class
We kept, of course, the ball-raced anti-roll bars, but we changed the thickness to enable you to exactly copy the set-up which the team used at the Worlds
The front and rear suspension arms, both feature arm plates that can be added, removed or swapped out for Carbon fiber. The TQ kit comes with the plastic covers which where used at the worlds, giving the best handlich for the grip available
The front hub assembly has been unchanged, it’s Geometry and general features showed excellent performance.

The new upright has an improved geometry (although the proven geometry of the old upright can still be used). Of course we kept the possibility to use 2 arm lengths
As the team used our new adjustable clutch, it is of course part of the TQ kit. This clutch is the new industry standard
Of course the GT TQ kept all the existing features of the basic GT, like the aluminium steeringblock with 5 different possible steering arms. The kit comes with the number 4 plate, that one was used at the worlds
Proven 16mm threaded shocks with o ring seals. Carried over from our previous GT, these foolproof shocks have never let us down. They have extremely tough 4mm shock shafts and aluminum shock caps. The threaded bodies make it super easy to get the ride height or tweak settings you might be looking for.
The rear diffusor adds stability, better airflow in and out of the body and faster laptimes. It’s a must in this kit
Finally, we get to the front bumper. We supply an oversized large foam bumper in the kit. The bumper is firmly mounted between the upper and lower bumper. This solid mounting allows you to take more direct impact and ensure your car will be properly protected. The bumper can be trimmed to fit most if not all bodies currently in the market.